Main Transformers 3 Cast Part Two

The dedicated cast of Dark of the Moonprobably benefited more from their sizable roles than we the viewers did, as a robot-oriented movie would have been better from a fan’s perspective. Although they infused the film with human life, strangely enough, because of the way it was written, you couldn’t connect very well with any of them. – Ron and Judy Witwicky, played by actors Kevin Dunn and Julie White, were again a part of the Transformers 3 cast as Sam’s parents. Ron played the steady father role well, remaining consistent in his expectations of his son. Judy, on the other hand, seemed to have the jitters, and her character was simply a comedic vehicle, of which there were already too many in the film. – A new member of the Transformers cast was Ken Jeong, who played the campy Jerry Wang. It was a short slice of The Hangover in a Transformers movie; which is not to say it wasn’t funny – his role was funny. Maybe too funny. Ken played a minion of the Decepticon who had a change of heart, and sought to atone for his act of the highest form of treason possible – selling humans out to an alien race.

He succeeded, and paid for that success with his life as Laserbeak Transformer discharged him from duty. – Of course, John Turturro came back for another go-round as Simmons, continuing his streak of being eminently watchable and likable onscreen. Retired – somewhat unhappily – from the life of a Secret Agent, and living in the lap of luxury, he eagerly throws all his chips back in when Sam Witwicky shows up on his gilded doorstep with top-secret information about Decepticon plans. For Simmons, resistance was futile. – The actress Frances McDormand joined the cast of Transformers 3 as probably the second-highest ranking officer shown onscreen (after the President in the very beginning). As the Director of National Intelligence, her first meeting with the self-proclaimed hero Sam didn’t go very smoothly at all, as she saw him more like the audience saw him: played a sizable part, but ‘hero’ is a stretch. They would patch up their differences as Dark of the Moon progressed and Sam repeatedly showed his worth. Although her character was one of the more necessary humans in the film, there were too many scenes of humor for a woman in such a serious position. –

Finally, of the characters demanding major screen time, we have Dylan, played by actor Patrick Dempsey. As Carly’s boss in the movie, he had several inappropriate meetings with her (which explains the name Sam gave him – “Mr. Inappropriate”), which did little to stem the tide of the element of surprise. When it came to the fore that he was just about as bad as they get, it was hardly a surprise, given his untrustworthy nature throughout the film to that point. Dylan didn’t appear to have a function in Transformer 3, besides as a coat-hanger for Sam’s girlfriend. His motivation was keeping her in the plot loop.

When Will I Will I be Famous?

I had wanted to be a professional actress from a very young age. I had performed in many amateur productions of musicals and plays and was desperate to have a career in the industry. I had professional dance lessons every week, voice coaching and singing lessons. After completing my GCSE examinations I went to sixth form college to do an A-Level in Theatre Studies. We performed a wide variety of plays. Shakespeare, Brecht and more modern playwrights such as Alan Ayckbourn and Willy Russell. This fueled my desire to perform even more and so after leaving college I joined the local repertory company as a general helper.

The role was voluntary and long hours but I loved it. After 12 months I was signed by a Manchester based agent. There was a trial period of six months followed by the possibility of receiving acting tuition and opportunities to access professional auditions. Unfortunately I never made it to the auditions stage, as it turned out, I just did not have much talent! But I did have a wonderful experience working as a background artist on one of Britain’ favourite Soaps – Coronation Street. The task was very simple, even for me. I had to pretend to be working in a car Dealer Web dealership in the city centre.

Two of the main characters came into the garage to look at a new car and I was the receptionist. I simply had to smile as the sales assistant handed over the keys to their new set of wheels. It was a great experience and although I never made it as a professional actress, I am still very glad that I tried. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Movie Dybbuk: A Standard Indian Horror Flick With An Interesting Plot!

The latest Hindi movie to premier on Amazon Prime Video, on 29th October 2021 being exact, is titled Dybbuk directed by Jay K who also directed the original Malayalam movie Ezra (2017) and started shooting this Hindi remake in 2019 and due to pandemic could not plan a theatrical release, selling the rights to Amazon and premiered as an Amazon Original Movie. It is a horror movie with some elements of suspense with an interesting plot. Perhaps for photographic reasons the shooting was over in Mauritius apart from a bit scene in Mumbai. The leads are Emraan Hashmi and Nikita Dutta. The film has each of the aspects of a horror flick as an overly loud background score, jump-cut scares, moving figures behind your back, an ugly face within the mirror or inside the cupboard and the majority of scary scenes that turn to be humorous inadvertently. However, the movie a little better fare compared to traditional Ramsay Brothers type or the Vikram Bhatt kind of horror thanks to its interesting plot involving a Jewish community in Mauritius and their folklore, faiths and occult practices.

The movie commences with a death of an Jewish dignitary whose house was filled with antique pieces, and then to some murder from the assistant of the antique shop while being attracted with a mysterious-looking box that’s procured in the dignitary’s house. As he opens the therapy lamp a poltergeist kind of shaking happens throughout inside closed shop and the man was supposedly tossed up against the walls and killed. The police began investigations, though the process stopped abruptly because the focus now use the lead couple who had to move bag and baggage from Mumbai to Mauritius as the husband was utilized in handle a sensitive nuclear-waste factory there for just two years. They were given an enormous bungalow with the company. The bored wife who was pondering taking on interior designing in the bungalow visited the identical antique shop and was fascinated from the antique box. She brings it home, opens it and things set out to happen. As is usual in every supernatural films the husband won’t believe till he starts experiencing and enjoying the strange happenings himself.

The plot is interesting because, a minimum of in my opinion, I never remember a Jewish community being the target of your Hindi movie in addition to hearing Hebrew or Yiddish dialogues, mercifully with subtitles, and understanding their folklore. The word ‘dybbuk’ in Hebrew or in Yiddish means a devil or an evil spirit, along with the Jews had an occult practice of imprisoning such spirits in boxes for assorted reasons and objectives. That the antique box had something evil inside was obvious from the beginning, and so the portion of suspense regarding it was missing. Yet, the plot still were built with a lot to create a scary atmosphere, suspense and tension.

The movie’s screenplay developed a mess in the potential despite the director keeping the first-hand experience of creating a tense atmosphere in the original Malayalam film that he himself directed. It is unknown if had to compromise using the demands of your Hindi filmy formula in addition to shifting the sets to picturesque Mauritius. The making of the movie looks just like an assembled computer just as if the all of the parts, frankly, scenes are intended separately after which assembled together due to which the natural flow of storytelling is missing that miserably still did not make scares and tension effective. Normally an able hero which has a sexy image Emraan Hashmi looks the same as a hired actor who just goes on doing the chores used on him for his pay package. Almost the identical relates to the heroine Nikita Dutta, although jane is not in the same bracket of celebrities like Emraan.

The police investigation could have been continued in the proper manner to link it towards the happenings while using couple in a very parallel treatment which would surely have added for the build-up of suspense and tension. As we have hinted each of the characters, except probably the roles of the Father along with the Rabbi, just pieces to become joined together by an editor, not the director. Superficial scares are also unnecessarily built like the stiff-faced housemaid who finally turned to become just a common human being. There are indeed some scary moments, nonetheless they just end then where there letting the film meander aimlessly for quite a while till the time of creating more scares comes. When the final twist in the tale comes it’s too far gone, because every one of the previous connecting scenes are not shown fully, hiding the key signs or signals which amounts to your case of cheating the crowd. Cheating can be a a part of filmmaking for a number of reasons, nonetheless it shouldn’t be too obvious and deliberately motivated.

A flashback is imposed to spell out or justify the spirit which turns out to become a clichéd romantic story ending in gore and horror. I feel it can be an opportunity lost to produce a positive addition to generate a ‘different’ horror genre in India. On the positive side the movie is technically sound in photography, the frames as well as the camera movements. The performances can’t be called powerful, because the screenplay did not allow it. Still, the movie will not bore one to let it rest midway, it compels that you glance at the entire length expecting something more, last but not least you’d feel it turned out okay for a one-time view. The reviews seem being too harsh, perhaps since the majority in the critics had seen the main film and felt utterly disappointed as the same director let them down in this remake. As is the rule one cannot ever expect sequels or prequels or remakes to match the originals, barring a number of rare exceptions in world cinema. So then, the horror genre remains mostly where it’s got been in India. Alas!

Movie The Terminal: Steven Spielberg’s Rare Comedy Flick Rediscovered!

I ponder over it a cheerful accident that I found this movie titled ‘The Terminal’ (2004) directed by Steven Spielberg on a streaming platform. My surprise was beyond measure when I saw the genre developed in the details of the movie-comedy! Well, it do not need to be my ignorance about this great filmmaker; because for most of Spielberg’s bios or filmography the said movie is not highlighted or discussed even though the movie was a commercial success. ‘The Terminal’ tells a wonderful story of an character called Viktor Navorski from Easter Europe (indicating the Russian Republic) who gets to New York John F Kennedy airport on the private mission only to discover that at the same time his native (fictional) country Kakrojhia had undergone a military coup plus a new government had absorbed. Since the US was yet to identify the newest government Viktor’s passport had become invalid and the airport supervisor took away all his documents including the passport refusing to allow for him enter New York city or to get back. Viktor Navorski, played by none other than the maximum of actors Tom Hanks, cannot speak much English and experiences a number of hilarious misfortunes during his nine-month lodge at the terminal. We’ll get back to the movie a bit later.

Steven Spielberg had become children name inside US after his blockbuster ‘Jaws’ in 1975; of course, if he was still being not children name in most other countries like India his ‘Close Encounters with the Third Kind’ in 1977, ‘Raiders from the Lost Ark’ almost 30 years ago, ‘ET the Extra Terrestrial’ in 1982, his creation with the franchise ‘Indiana Jones’ from 1984 and his awesome two huge productions ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘Schindler’s List’ in 1993 make him more importantly, almost money legend of world cinema. Spielberg is claimed to get probably the most commercially successful director of Hollywood till date with almost every one of his films achieving box-office hit status, critical acclaim and Academy Awards nominations and awards. He has earned three Oscars a couple of which can be as Best Director for ‘Schindler’s List’ and ‘Saving Private Ryan’ (1998) and something Best Picture Oscar for ‘Schindler’s List’, apart from 7 nominations as Best Director. His movies have earned an unbelievable 133 Academy nominations and 34 Oscars in several categories, in addition to the BAFTA and Golden Globe awards. His other major awards include Cecil B DeMille Award and the AFI Life Achievement Award. Steven Spielberg at 74 years old now has not retired yet yet still making movies taking temporary breaks occasionally.

Watching the ‘Jaws’ and ‘Jurassic Park’ ended up a most exhilarating experience for many Indians at all like me and through such films we will view the painstaking efforts, often risking his own life inside the difficult shooting, taken with the director-no doubt whatsoever which he made his first movie experiment at the tender age of 12 thus dedicating his whole life to the art and making world cinema even more richer along with entertaining. After working for a few years inside New Hollywood era that included several Television Episodes and minor films for Universal Studios he got his game-changing burglary ‘Jaws’ in 1975 when he was just over the ages of 30. Spielberg, rightfully, refused to generate a sequel to ‘Jaws’ as those sequels produced by other filmmakers could never match the initial original that still sends shivers around the spine. He did make a sequel though for ‘Jurassic Park’ titled ‘The Lost World-Jurassic Park’ in 1997 since the writer with the original created his second book, knowning that movie seemed to be an advertisement and critical success.

It somewhat follows through the narrative above that a lot of folks always considered Spielberg as being a serious filmmaker who earned huge commercial success too for his universally appealing storytelling and dedicated efforts. We could never possibly imagine he could make a movie inside lighter genre of comedy. Perhaps, it was just an experiment with this great filmmaker, and the man did it beautifully too-getting inspired with a true event within the Paris airport, creating interesting characters including a romantic angle and erecting a tremendous filmset inside the lines from the JFK airport of New York.

Now, coming back to ‘The Terminal’, the 2-hour and 9 minutes movie does not have an individual dull moment tickling your funny bones constantly with Tom Hanks stumbling along with his brilliantly cultivated broken Russian or Bulgarian English while handling the obsessed airport supervisor, the security guards along with the various desk officials. His character gets emotionally involved too with the airhostess played by Catherine Zeta-Jones, an Indian cleaner, a woman desk official with whom a canteen boy was romantically attached and various other delightful characters and episodes. Hanks’s character Viktor helps as well a native of his region out of a tangle by his intelligent use of interpretation deceiving the aghast supervisor. The film also keeps the suspense on what exists in the tin box that Viktor frequently eliminates fondly how the supervisor who may have been bent upon doing away with him either for the police or the FBI really wants to know desperately. Such delicious elements had better be left for those who would also love to rediscover this comedy-drama movie manufactured by one of the legendary directors-producers-writers of world cinema.

Chinmay Chakravarty is really a professional specialized within the creative field with more than two decades of experience in journalistic writing, media co-ordination, film script writing, film dubbing, film & video making, control over international film festivals and editing of books & journals. Proficient in providing professional services in these related fields. Was a police officer of Indian Information Service and superannuated in the post of Director, Press Information Bureau, Kolkata in November, 2019. Published his first solo book ‘Laugh and Let Laugh’ in 2017 and his awesome second book ‘The Cheerless Chauffeur and Other Tales’ in 2021.

Movie The Devil Made Me Do It: The Conjuring-3 Has All The Scares, But A Weaker Storyline!

The third installment in the much-celebrated ‘The Conjuring series’ along with the eighth film with the Conjuring Universe Horror Franchise-The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It-was made ready for release in September 2020, though the COVID-19 pandemic delayed it till June 2021 if it premiered in the US as well as on HBO Max simultaneously. Unfortunately, it could not be released in the Indian theatres again due to the pandemic. Since the HBO Max show-term was very short the Indian fans in the franchise are actually wondering where to watch the movie, considering the way they were thrilled and intrigued by the haunted-house stories of The Conjuring (2013) and The Conjuring-2 (2016) with the adored real-life pair of the paranormal investigators Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren, played brilliantly by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga in all of the flicks from the trilogy plus one of the Conjuring Universe franchise movies. Finally. Amazon Prime Video started streaming this movie in the 15th of December 2021, and also the horror ‘fun’ originates roaring back in India.

As usual, the storyplot on this film too is based on a real-life court case three decades ago in which the murder accused, Arne Johnson, pleaded simple beneath the guise that ‘The Devil Made Him Do It’ while he claimed he was demonically possessed while committing the act; these kinds of defense plea is for initially inside the US court case history. Ed and Lorraine Warren testified for Arne as we were holding convinced in regards to the demonic possession and gave all their evidence with regards to captured camera images and videos. However, since this type of premise could have never the best basis, the accused was convicted and sentenced to 15-20 numerous years of imprisonment; but he got beyond jail in 5 years because of his exemplary behavior and that he married his girlfriend while still in jail. Dry court proceedings can’t ever be an apt subject for any suspense-horror flick and therefore, a fantastic storyline and a script was built across the case.

The film opens using the scariest scene with the movie and possibly one from the scariest scenes ever in horror cinema history. The scene depicts the exorcism of a young boy, maybe around 10 years of age, named David Glatzel with all the presence with the stricken family, Ed and Lorraine and also the exorcist. The chaotically horrifying developments that follow have to be watched than explained, with all the results that Ed gets hurt and it has a heart attack as the character of Arne Johnson (played by Ruairi O’Connor), boyfriend of David’s elder sister Debbie Glatzel (played by Sarah Catherine), looks into your eye area of the violent David and invites the demon to depart David and have him, which, incredibly enough, happens. To my experience of horror films this is the new twist because it raises some questions: it seems like to generate the role from the exorcists rather dubious which a demon or perhaps a ghost supposedly possesses someone which has a definite purpose therefore, why should it leave its prized victim! Anyway, it was necessary like a prologue for that reel-life Arne Johnson to take to murder someone and face trial.

As in comparison to the earlier absolutely absorbing and tension-filled two films in the trilogy the third one lacks a flow of storytelling which can be hampered by flashbacks, jerk-cuts and scenes left half-treated, jumping with other scenes after which coming back to the previous. This can be interpreted since the stylistic treatment of the director, however it does not help storytelling bearing in mind the viewers’ continued involvement. For example, Ed Warren who suffered a heart attack probably rested for around 30 days (not clearly indicated) when the demon in Arne preferred to do nothing atrocious. However, the minute Ed recovers which has a telepathic dream he communicates to Lorraine to warn the police about a impending tragedy inside house of Arne’s employer and landlord. And inevitably, Arne in a sudden burst of possessive fit murders the landlord which is arrested with the police.

Now comes the genuine turning point of the story: Lorraine, with her super intuitive and psychic powers visualizes a grim connection of the Arne’s act with all the murder and suicide of two area within the recent days. The police were yet to find the body of second girl who supposedly killed her friend in a fit from the same type of demonic possession after which committed suicide. So, for the very first time in the history in the trilogy law enforcement join the investigations with the paranormal help of Ed and Lorraine, ultimately finding the submerged body with the second girl as Lorraine leads them through a dramatically crafted and a light-n-shadow scene, eminently worth watching.

With the ‘connection’ confirmed, Lorraine and Ed revisit the house of David, and Lorraine discovers a witch’s totem in the underground chambers in the house, stuffed with rats. The angle in the occult practices are available in here, again for the very first time, and Lorraine, convinced that the bond works either way in fact it is within the process of completing a curse implying more murders, starts the hunt for your source with the evil-if it had been an evil spirit or even a devilish person with supernatural powers needs to be avoided here, lest it might be a spoiler. While the 1st half of the film is very engaging and tension-filled the second half becomes rather predictable. The climax, unfortunately, does not shock-thrill the viewers.

But the film is immensely worth watching because of the intense performances, as usual, with the couple, Wilson and Farmiga, along with the jump-scares that come you should definitely expected , nor come when expected, keeping the viewers guessing, particularly a scarily delightful scene of David jumping over a bubbling mattress just as if filled with water and after that something unexpected happening to him. The sequel, different from your other two as pointed out, reminds us of an brilliant South Korean horror-mystery-suspense flick ‘The Wailing’ of which we wrote about recently.

‘The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It’ is just not directed by James Wan who created the Conjuring Universe horror franchise regarding his Atomic Monster Productions and New Line Cinema of Warner Bros Entertainment thus completing the 20-year efforts led by Tony DeRosa-Grund and his awesome team to produce a number of films about the supernatural case files of Ed and Lorraine Warren, and directing the first movie in the franchise ‘The Conjuring’ in 2013. Huge commercial success with the first venture resulted in productions of supernatural horror sequels and prequels one after the opposite: Annabelle in 2014, The Conjuring-2 in 2016, Annabelle Creation in 2017, The Nun in 2018, The Curse of La Llorona in 2019, Annabelle Comes Home in 2019 and The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It in 2021; the past is directed by Michael Chaves who made his directorial debut using a franchise film, ‘The Curse of La Llorona’. The Conjuring Universe has become the other highest-grossing horror franchise in Hollywood background one in the most critically acclaimed. Almost all of the eight films have been huge commercial hits throughout the world with positive to mixed reviews. The franchise are at as soon as focusing on two more horror films-the first being titled ‘The Crooked Man’ as well as the second film’s title, stated to be a sequel to ‘The Nun’, is to be announced.

Chinmay Chakravarty is often a professional specialized within the creative field with twenty years of experience in journalistic writing, media co-ordination, film script writing, film dubbing, film & video making, control over international film festivals and editing of books & journals. Proficient in providing professional services over these related fields. Was a police officer of Indian Information Service and superannuated through the post of Director, Press Information Bureau, Kolkata in November, 2019. Published his first solo book ‘Laugh and Let Laugh’ in 2017 and his second book ‘The Cheerless Chauffeur and Other Tales’ in 2021.

From Freight to Fame: Celebrities Who Were Once Truckers

Automotive,Entertainment Not all famous people begin their lives in the starlight. Many start their careers doing something completely different to what they end up becoming famous for. Here is a list of some of the most famous celebs who used to do haulage work before Hollywood came knocking. Sean Connery Everyone’s favourite Bond, this iconic Scottish actor was never afraid of a bit of hard work. As well as working as a labourer, coffin pusher and lifeguard, Connery spent a period as a truck driver before hitting the big time. After making his break in films such as South Pacific, the future Bond would go on to become one of the most recognised figures in cinema. After all, where do you think Bond learnt to drive his Aston Martin so well? Liam Neeson This Northern Irish actor would become famous for his roles as Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, as tragic hero Oskar Schindler and perhaps most famously as the world’s most protective and murderously skilled father Bryan Mills in Taken.

Before all that, however, Neeson did some work as a fork-lift truck driver and haulier for the famous Guinness brewery. Richard Pryor I’m sure that many of us know a truck driver who thinks that they are the funniest person on the planet. In the case of Richard Pryor, this turned out to be true. After doing haulage work across Europe and the US, Pryor decided to become a stand-up comedian and tell his jokes to a bigger crowd than just those he met on the road. Elvis Presley “Stick to truck driving, you’ll never make it as a singer.” These are the words famously uttered to the king of rock at one of his earlier auditions. Presley would go on to become possibly the most famous musician of all time and would base a number of his songs on the things that he had seen while travelling around the country in his lorry. It seems that there is nothing like a bit of haulage work to build the appetite for rockin’ and rollin’. Viggo Mortenson Before he was slicing through orcs as the heir of Gondor in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Mortenson was driving trucks in Denmark and working as a florist. Mortenson is now considered one of the most underrated actors of the nineties, as he did not receive critical recognition for his work until his Oscar nomination for his role in Captain Fantastic in 2016.

Haulage Work – One Path to Stardom Haulage is an industry like no other for building character and collecting varied experiences. Driving through countries and continents, often on their own for large periods, lorry drivers have unparalleled access to the world and its many beauties. Whether it is singing, telling jokes or doing impressions, you or your truck-driving friends may be developing the abilities that could one day make you famous. Author Plate Norman Dulwich is a Correspondent for Haulage Exchange, the leading online trade network for the road transport industry. Connecting logistics professionals across the UK and Europe through their website, Haulage Exchange provides services for matching haulage work with available drivers. Over 5,000 member companies are networked together through the Exchange to fill empty capacity, get new clients and form long-lasting business relationships.


Education,Law,Writing Jude law is known as an English actor. Jude Law has been nominated in two categories and it builds the prolific body of the work. Gattaca in 1997 and the Talented Mr. Ripley in 1999 where he played Matt Damon’s obsession are good examples of the early success as a result of prolific bodybuilding. Jude Law was born in 1972 in Lewisham London. His parents were Margaret Anne and Peter Robert Law who were both teachers at comprehensive schools. Jude law was named after the book of Jude and song Hey Jude.

In 1992 Jude Law started his stage career where he starred many plays around the London which made him be nominated for Laurence Olivier award. Jude Law did “Indiscretions” play both in London and Broadway. While at Broadway, he was accompanied by Kathleen Turner. Jude lawhas ever been nominated for Tony nomination for outstanding supporting actor and also he has been rewarded with Theatre World Award. It was after visiting London and Broadway where Jude Law started big screen and independent films. Jude Law had a good role in Midnight in the Garden of the Good and Evil film in 1997. The success of Gattaca and the Talented Mr. Ripley made Jude’s career to gain momentum in late 1990’s and early 2000s. Jude Law is one of the three famous actors alongside Colin Farrell and Johnny Depp.

Jude lawhas played many roles in the following films Enemy at the Gates in 2001, Road to Perdition in 2002, Heart Huckabees in 2004 and The Aviator in 2004. Jude Law partnered with Ewan McGregor, Sadie Frost and Lee Miller in the production company known as Natural Nylon. Jude Law has been well known as an active member in charitable activities and participating in the street against the protest of Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus. Jude law got married in 1997 to Sadie Frost and they had two sons and one daughter namely Rafferty, Rudy and Iris where they later divorced in 2003. In 2004 Jude got engaged to Sienna Miller and was married in 2005 and later separated in 2006.

Should An Actor’s Headshots Be Black And White Or Colour?

Business More and more these days, doubt seems to prevail as to whether an actor should have colour or black and white photographs taken. What’s best these days for casting purposes, and what might the ‘state of play’ be in another five or 10 years’ time? Black And White: The Long-Time Norm For many years, there would have been little discussion about the respective merits of Actors Headshots In Black & White or colour – it was the former that was the norm here in the UK, while it was colour that was favoured in the US. There were obvious reasons for this. We were living in the pre-digital age as far as actor’s photography was concerned, and even the book published by casting portal Spotlight included only black and white actor headshots. Times have changed greatly since then. Almost all headshot photographers now shoot in digital, meaning they are able to choose between delivering their headshots in colour or black and white.

It is now customary for headshots to be displayed online, and while the Spotlight book is still black and white, both colour and black and white are accepted on the Spotlight website. So, What’s The Most Relevant Solution Today? I would recommend that you assemble a portfolio consisting of both colour and black and white headshots. Bear in mind that if your chosen headshot photographer only shoots film, they will only be able to produce one or the other. That’s why you may choose a single headshots photographer who can present you with a combination of black and white and colour images. This is likely to be someone who uses a digital camera to capture images in colour that are then converted to black and white on the computer in post-production.

For example, when you choose me, Steve Lawton, as your headshots photographer, you won’t have to choose between the two. Whatever package of mine you choose, you will receive all of your images in both black and white and colour. As an optional extra, I can even have hard copy A4 black and white contact sheets produced for all of your shots on 270gsm Lustre paper – which agents love! As For The Future When I consider the years immediately ahead, I find it hard to envisage any scenario other than everyone working in full colour. Black may already seem old-fashioned to some, which is a shame – after all, it’s usually much more flattering than colour. In the meantime, I and other photographers like me will continue to produce actors’ headshots in black & white as well as colour. Both ‘options’ undoubtedly have their strengths and uses, so why not look for a photographer who can draw upon both in producing the most beautiful headshots for you? We’ll explore the many ways we can create appropriate and impactful Actors Headshots together, in both colour and black and white.